Parenthood November 28, 2021

The First Snowfall

Late Friday afternoon, B got to witness snow fall for the first time as a toddler and let me tell you, his arms were swinging with excitement. He kept signing for rain and saying “tick tick tick tick” like he does for raindrops on the back deck. I layered him up in his woollies and snow suit and we took a walk to see if the pumpkins we had tossed over a fence on Thanksgiving had been eaten by the deer. They had been.

When we woke up this morning, the snow had accumulated and stuck, so I pulled out the strawberry pie I had made earlier this summer in anticipation of the first snowfall. It was my first attempt at strawberry pie, and my first frozen pie – and it was as delicious as I was hoping it would be. B and I ate it for our afternoon snack, still slightly warm and paired with some canned coconut whipped cream. We delivered two slices of summer to our next door neighbors on our evening walk and they texted me to report that this was a tradition worth keeping.

The snow today also made me question the time off I had requested for this coming Wednesday – December 1 – the day I was hoping we’d get our Christmas tree. I made a comment to Taylor about wishing we could do it today, and he surprisingly admitted to thinking the same thing, so we bundled up after breakfast and drove out to our favorite tree farm. It was a winter wonderland! The snow getting deeper the further north we drove, still on every branch because the sun hadn’t melted everything away quite yet.

Three strands of lights don’t work this year, so so far, our tree is half lit with zero ornaments on it… I’m thinking we’re going to wait a couple of days before attempting ornaments with a toddler. He still can’t believe we have a tree in the house! It’s an odd tradition for sure –

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