Parenthood December 2, 2021

Stocking Stuffers for a 17 Month Old

I did it. I finally finished B’s stocking – my first ever sock and let me tell you, it looks the part. That being said, I couldn’t be more proud and my hope is that he’ll cherish it as much as I do, imperfections and all. At least we’ll have one thing to laugh about each December when it’s pulled out of the holiday box!

Spoiler alert, Mom aka Grammy! Look away!

As promised, I’m sharing the list of items we’re gifting B this year in his stocking. I personally love to see what others fill their stockings with – it’s something I’ve looked forward to more than I’d like to admit. I don’t know what it is about hunting for tiny treasures but for me it’s enjoyable and I know it will get better the older he gets. Although I can’t wait to see his reaction this year because the element of surprise, or finding items in a container that isn’t see-through, is still there for him. I can hear him now, “WOW.”

pocket flashlight, taken from our existing camping kit
felted bar of soap, handmade
wooden egg shaker
set of chopsticks
a monarch mask
set of wooden peg dolls, hand painted (with chalkboard paint)
a wooden ice cream truck – Target, $3 for a set of three – in that section that sucks you in when you first walk through the doors, you know which section I’m referring to
finger puppet
crinkle cutter
magnifying glass
kitty cat
a sniffleease roller of his own
and an orange – which will be purchased closer to the holiday 😉

I tried to be intentional with each purchase, choosing items that’ll last and items that he’ll grow into, as his birthday isn’t for another 7 months. As I’ve shared in a previous post, the only item he’ll have to open from us under the tree will be a book. I’m personally all for less – so if it’s contained to a single homemade stocking, I’m all for it!

I’d love to hear what you’re gifting this year in a stocking – any special treasures that I should bookmark for years to come?

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