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Uncategorized April 7, 2022

Meal Planning for a Toddler: Breakfasts

If you know me, you know I love lists… especially lists that include food. I was a meal planner prior to becoming a mom, and I’m finding meal plans are clutch to staying somewhat sane. FEEDING A CHILD IS NEVER ENDING. So many meals, so many snacks. Being vegan, I feel this added pressure of making sure our child is consistently exposed to a wide…

Uncategorized December 2, 2021

Wrapping Up Our Digital Reset

November was a life-changing month for Taylor and I, and I say that not to be dramatic but it really, really was. We both set the individual parameters for how we were/weren’t going to navigate social media and streaming for the month and I think we both reaped many benefits. Before I jump into those, I’d like to share a few quick statistics, because I…

Uncategorized November 17, 2021

Wrapping Up Week Two of my Digital Reset

I had a conversation with Taylor quickly in passing Monday morning as we were getting ready for our day, in between brushing B’s teeth and feeding the birds. And I quote, “being off social media has been life changing.” A comment made by someone who was reluctant to read Digital Minimalism and told me he didn’t have to take a break because he didn’t have…

Uncategorized November 9, 2021

Week One of my Digital Reset

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently challenging myself to a digital reset for the month of November, inspired by the book Digital Minimalism. I’d like to share my experience and thoughts each week in hopes of inspiring others to pick up the book and ditch the constant bombardment of STUFF. Before I dive in, I’d like to share a starting statistic or…

Uncategorized October 27, 2021

Challenging Myself to Complete a Digital Reset

Admittedly I’m only 116/254 pages into Digital Minimalism and hooked. So much so that I’ve decided to do a digital reset for the entire month of November. One may assume that a digital reset is a time in which you get to escape from your phone, kind of like a vacation to a remote place in Mexico (I’ve done that, multiple times, it’s lovely, highly…

Uncategorized August 2, 2021

Honey, I’m home!

Back in 2009 I started a random WordPress blog called Zeelemons to document my first paid vacation (spoiler: it was a stay-cation) and I think the only viewers I had were my co-workers. But quickly it morphed into something that gained traction as life happened (read: a long-term breakup) and then continued to happen (read: a new boyfriend, training for my first marathon, becoming an…