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Christmas Magic Parenthood November 24, 2023

Our 2023 Family Advent Calendar

If you know me, you know I love to fill a Christmas stocking. The hunt for neat treasures and goodies is something I thoroughly enjoy participating in, so much so, that I usually start in January. An advent calendar was just screaming my name! But I didn’t want to buy more stuff just for the sake of stuffing an advent calendar. This’ll be a new…

Parenthood December 2, 2021

Stocking Stuffers for a 17 Month Old

I did it. I finally finished B’s stocking – my first ever sock and let me tell you, it looks the part. That being said, I couldn’t be more proud and my hope is that he’ll cherish it as much as I do, imperfections and all. At least we’ll have one thing to laugh about each December when it’s pulled out of the holiday box!…

Parenthood November 28, 2021

The First Snowfall

Late Friday afternoon, B got to witness snow fall for the first time as a toddler and let me tell you, his arms were swinging with excitement. He kept signing for rain and saying “tick tick tick tick” like he does for raindrops on the back deck. I layered him up in his woollies and snow suit and we took a walk to see if…

Parenthood October 25, 2021

Keeping Christmas Simple

Probably not the topic you were expecting a week before Halloween, but I’ve got the holidays on my mind and in all honesty, I’m done shopping for B. (!) As I’ve gotten older and (ahem) responsible for keeping a house somewhat decent, I’ve shifted my thoughts significantly around gift giving, shopping in general really. It’s not about what’s under the tree but who’s around it…

Parenthood August 17, 2021

This Crazy Little Thing Called… Elimination Communication

A few hours after B was born, I remember one of our midwives asking if I had ever heard of elimination communication. “No,” I said, but in a way sounding curious. She then replied with something along the lines of, “oh, it’s this beautiful way of communicating with your baby and learning their bodily rhythms…” Honestly she lost me because it seemed too complicated and…