Reading September 20, 2021

Books B Loves: @ 14 months

I’m starting this new mini series partially because I love seeing what other people (and their kids) are reading, partially because I don’t ever want to forget these tiny details. Not that I’d forget how many times I’ve already read Llama Llama at bedtime, but I may forget that little “ohhhhh” and the headshake he does when I make the sound effects for Mama Llama as she’s running upstairs following the page shouting run run RUN!

Love is a Truck: I think this book is beautifully done – it’s simple in both the content and colors chosen. B especially loves the page with the “ice cream truck – the sweetest truck of all,” and starts dancing in anticipation of us humming the song of our neighborhood “music” truck.

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site: B got this book for his birthday and while he has yet to sit through an entire reading of the book, he insists we read it every night. May I never forget him putting his pointer finger IN his mouth while sounding “fffffff fffffff” – his version of shhhhhhh.

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch: I pulled this book out a couple of weeks ago thinking it was perfect as we transition into fall… and B is loving it! Seeing the pumpkins in the book was his first time reading and talking about pumpkins… and let me tell you, his mind is BLOWN every time he sees one in the wild! Ha! In the market, on a stoop, at the local farm, you better believe he’s pointing them out and shouting “WOW.”

Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween: IMO, the original LBT is the best but this one is cute… we read it about 8-10 times a day in anticipation of Halloween next month. He loves pointing out the black cat on each page and the pumpkins, of course the pumpkins.

A note about the links: they are affiliated and while I personally prefer to buy books secondhand, I understand not everyone feels that way / has the time to search. If you’re planning on purchasing from Amazon anyway, I’d appreciate your support! No additional cost or effort for you. TYIA.

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